How It Works

For all Users:

On IRAN.CA you can find listings for a broad range of events, restaurants or businesses related to the Iranian-Canadian community.  All of our listings are independently verified and we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the listings.

As a user of our website you have the ability to: search and find events and business listings in your area, review and rate an event or business. If you have a question, we have experts that are ready to answer it for you.

For Organizers of Small Events:

We understand your time is valuable, and so it’s paramount that you plan your event in the most efficient way as possible. Looking for a place to list and promote your event to the target audience? Look no further, IRAN.CA is your Iranian-Canadian community based one stop shop!

Start by creating a free account. This enables you to list your event, add details and customize it with images and videos. More over, our site enables you to edit your listing later on should you want to. Perhaps add a FAQ section as well as additional information closer to the event date to better service your attendees. When creating a listing you can (and are encouraged to) have title and descriptions in both Farsi and English to ensure you reach out to the broadest audience possible! Please see the tutorial on how to post a new event here.
If you’d like your event to receive even more exposure, link your website, Facebook page, an ad in a local magazine, or wherever else your event is being advertised to your IRAN.CA listing and choose the Featured Listing option.

For Organizers with Large or Multiple events:

There are several benefits in using IRAN.CA for your listings, especially for those who have multiple events. Our site has a platform that enables you to customize your events and listings to your liking, with the ability to edit them as well so they are constantly improving. Make your life easy and use IRAN.CA as a hub for marketing all of your events in one place. This enables you to list and keep track of  multiple events you may have going on.
By using IRAN.CA there is no question your listing will reach out to a broad audience, which includes the second generation Iranian-Canadians, as well as members of other communities interested in our rich culture.

For Business owners:

If your typical client is a member of the Iranian-Canadian community, or even if your type of business (such as arts, food, entertainment, etc) is popular in non-Iranian communities, we are the place for you! Use our business directory to list your services and products; basic listings are free.

Close to 65% of visitors accessing our website use mobile devices. To accommodate this, we have made our website completely mobile friendly, which will ensure your listings look great across all devices. Also, our easy to use web interface is fully responsive, thus you can use a broad range of devices to manage your listings. Please visit our advertising page for further opportunities.

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